Why women of Bhutan improve their complexion with lubricant?

Bhutanese women began using lubricant from condoms to eliminate dark circles under the eyes and other cosmetic and dermatological defects. Doctors consider the “useful” effect of lubricants to be nothing more than fiction.

According to the owner of the pharmacy in the capital of Bhutan, women who buy condoms claim that lubricant really helps them to eliminate dark circles under the eyes and stains on the face of pregnant women.

The owner of another pharmacy said that in recent years women have been buying more condoms in order to get rid of dryness and skin cracks.

Doctors call the “useful” effect of lubricants a myth. According to the dermatologists there is nothing in the lubricant for condoms that could benefit the skin. If lubricant had cosmetic properties it would be sold for this purpose.

Earlier it was reported about no less strange application of lubricant for condoms when the inhabitants of Cambodia used it for the treatment of acne.

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