Why girls from Croatia are wished as girlfriends among Americans?

Americans have really modern and versatile society. Today Americans are still ahead of all the humanity in many aspects. If you don’t believe me, look back at the history. Many stuff of what was invented 50 years ago in the U.S. and seemed weird at first is used by us every day as the norm of life. The same happened in terms of relations and even the most controversial became real norm of life as well. But it comes the time when many Americans got tired from such way of life they live in now. More and more American man wishes about descent family life and as the way out they see choosing foreign women, for example, Croatian women, for wives and girlfriends. And why not? Americans are looking for cozy atmosphere.

Croatian woman is pretty, no doubts. She is interesting as the person. She usually has university degree and can tell you a lot of life in Europe and about Europe in general. She lives in European Union and she is quite liberated and open to people, but still keeps the best of religious and domestic family traditions like cooking and preparing best meals ever. As well, she is good in giving proper life advices and seems like personal free of pay psychologist. She knows how to deal with most of home devices and how to deal with human hearts. She takes great care of children and at the same time keeps the house clean, clothes clean, fridge fool of natural and tasty food and at the same time knows all the news way back home, discussing it with her mom on Skype. Sounds like pretty perfect wife, doesn’t it?

And what period is usually takes place before marriage? No, not the well known period that every woman has monthly. Right, dating period. And because of named above features many American men dream to have Croatian girlfriend who could become good wife in the future. Are there some specific features about exactly Croatian girlfriends? Well, they are extremely pretty, kind, well oriented and interesting persons. Besides, they are quite moral, so don’t expect for sex at the first date. Maybe it is common for American women, but not for Croatian for sure. No matter what you have heard about liberated and open Europe, you will have sex with Croatian girl only after dating period when she would see you are serious about her and your common relations. Judging Croatia or Europe on stereotypes is same pointless as judge about America from movies. Read also: Are Croatian brides popular?

One more point why Croatian girls are top girls for girlfriends for Americans that old American men usually choose developing European countries as the base for their love games. They come here to Croatia to find young Croatian girl who will be eager to become his girlfriend. It is hardly possible to happen in the USA unless he is very tough wallet. And in Croatia he is comparatively rich or thought to be rich for being US citizen and that works in many cases. Of course, Croatian girls who become lovers of such “daddies” are real gold diggers and don’t hide that, but it seems the situation suits both.

To conclude, we will not name all the main reasons why Americans want Croatian girls for girlfriends. No matter this is old American man seeking for young Croatian girl to become his future wife or this is young college student from Croatia who started dating young American guy, because they were attending same classes. One more reason we forgot to mention is emancipation. Croatian women are not that much emancipated comparing to American women and according to the main idea described in the first paragraph most of American men are stressed and therefore are looking for quite family atmosphere, home and family oriented Croatian wife suits way better than independent American woman. Modern Croatian youth is also different that those Croatians 10 years ago and it is much harder to find described type of Croatian women. Modern Croatian youth is more and more as modern American youth. So, if you are interested which is Croatian girlfriend and why they are so desirable you better find yourself girl from Croatia and find it out yourself. Read also: Marriage with Croatian 

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