Why are Romanian women so beautiful

Many are so interested why Romanian women are so pretty. There are few main reasons and many minor reasons and I’ll tell about them in this article. The main reason of Romanian women’ beauty is genetic code. This is the main factor. Genes influence the most and you can nothing to do with that. There is proved long ago fact Slavic women are the prettiest in the world and Romanians are 80% Slavs + other mixture of cultures like Turks and nations from Balkans. Today’s Romanians are mixture of Thracians, Slavic and Wallachia’s, where Slavic influence is dominant.

Do not listen to those who say Romanian women are so pretty because they do not eat junk food in big quantities, do not drink as much soda, spend a lot of time outside so move a lot and therefore are slim and also invest more than western women in their look. Those facts are so minor that they do not influence a lot on the real natural beauty of Romanian women. If you were born ugly, neither healthy food nor hours in the gym or drinking pills the same as visiting beauty salons would never help you to become pretty. On the contrary, many Romanian women who were just born pretty, because of genetics, eat junk food do not visit gym and never get fat looking just perfect. Quick metabolism and genetically inherited body structure do wonders.

There is also theory that in Europe all the prettiest women were killed during inquisition times as they were considered witches. As this was made for centuries the genome of pretty woman was almost completely extinct in Western Europe, but not in Romania. As for me, this is only partially true and many other countries that didn’t have the influence of inquisition do not have many pretty women either. Romanian women have dominant Slavic gene and Slavic women are considered the most pretty in the world.

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As additional or minor factors that contribute to the beauty of Romanian women are low average income and 75 % unemployment among young generation of Romanians that makes them actively move, think, work, find the way out and as you know, active person is always slim and therefore pretty; consuming more healthy food, gathered on the own piece of ground (in small towns and villages); knowing how to use appropriate makeup, just to emphasize natural beauty; good sense of style that is seen in manner of acting and in clothes they wear; slow level of aggressiveness and ability to be happy and smile minor things like sun shining, sudden meeting of a friend; ability to live in natural way, no hating, but loving men without unnatural emancipate ideas; not being obsessed with western values like competition, fame, feminist approach and proclamations men are useless (balance in the nature was always vital and remains).

If we are talking about inner beauty, then Romanian women win here as well, as their aim is to be in relations with kind man, giving love to each other, creating happy family together and raising kids together. Romanian women are looking for the man who would support them during their common life and are interested in this more than in some financial things; although, financial aspect is also important as anywhere in the world. Romanian women are religious; they believe in God, most of them are Christians. I would not say most of them visits church often and pray every day, but if you ask whether they believe in God, they would say “Yes”, adding they are Christians; they usually celebrate the greatest holidays like Christmas or Easter with their families.

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