What role plays Panamanian wife in the family

In Panama woman plays the main role in the family. In Panama woman is informal head of the family and while man is somewhere at work woman usually does the housework. She is involved in cooking, cleaning about the house, washing etc. and if this is in rural area she also has to do some work in the field. This “some work” for average American or European would seem unbearable, but for Panamanian woman it is usually the norm of life.

You can’t judge the same way about the whole country. In big cities women are more urbanized and live more according to what we call western civilization values, but this is only some weird transformation of them, as for me.

Panamanian family is strong unity, but it is not something you could just easily make or enter. You have to find appropriate woman in Panama and she has to be lonely. You have to speak Spanish and learn it with all Panamanian peculiarities of accent. Then you have to enter the country and meet such woman. If you are older man this scenario is for you; but you have to take into consideration she might have grown up children who visit her often. In Panama children live with parents until they are about 30. You also have to understand it is different in Panama than in the U.S.

If you are young man you have all chances to find young Panamanian girl and after dating period marry her and live either in Panama or (what is more likely) in the U.S.

Even though Panamanian wife is considered to be informal had of the family, she is still very caring. Actually, for average American it may seem she is serving his husband. It is useful for women from this country to feed their man when he comes back home tired of work. I mean, prepare hot meal and serve it, not feeding with spoon. Read also: Panamanian women: do they often marry Americans?

Panamanian woman plays very important – number one role in the family. She does it not by open actions, saying loud she is the main here in the house. She just does her hard every day job. She does it nonstop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Her duties are making house and clothes clean, preparing food, usually having not enough money for products (to prepare from what you have), to prepare meal for the whole big family, to take care of the children, to make sexual pleasure for her husband (after all that enormous list of duties!). Panamanian woman is real domestic hero who remains quiet about her feats, as real heroes do. She still remains positive, smiling and… happy! Yes, she is happy of her life and that is what many Americans would not get.

Role of Panamanian woman in the family also is in consolidation in the family, joining all the members of the family together and making one big thing – giving experience and building future.

As the real man you may be happy with Panamanian wife, but you have to understand it might be different than way back home at take the life as it is. Well, Panamanian family structure is not bad, it is just different and such a great wife can make you happy in the family life; something you have forgot about long time ago. You may find it interesting: Dating Panamanian girls – tips and peculiarities

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