What Multicultural Differences Might Be A Problem When Dating Belarusian Woman?

Actually, Belarusian women are tolerant to foreign men and they easily adapt to foreign culture and style of life, assimilating within foreign society quite quickly. However, there are some multicultural differences which still might be rather unpleasant misunderstanding, a barrier which has to be passed by, than serious problem. What multicultural differences annoy foreign guys in relationships with Belarusian girls the most? Let’s see our chart and try to be prepared for surprises which you might come across if you are going to date (dating) girl from Belarus.

Views for life

Belarusian women live in post communistic society, but many norms of life are still remaining to be of soviet type with little modernization. People of Belarus still got to be afraid to express their feelings and thoughts freely and openly and this is inherited since childhood. This is vivid not only when you come up with political discussions, but also when it is going about family life. Surprised? Look how it is implemented in family life. Belarusian girl would rather give you some hints for what she really wants, than openly and directly tell you what she likes, dislikes, would like to get, etc. This might make you nervous, but only for at first. You will get used to that and will find out how to read her hints within some time, while she would get used to feel more free and secured in new foreign society and would express her thoughts in more direct and open way.

Too feminine life position

Yes, you should read this correctly – FEMININE, but not FEMINISTIC. Many Western men would like to have feminine wife who will be reliable supporter of traditional family values, but not every man is, actually, ready for that. If for the whole life you got used to share duties and have the same rights with women who surround you, at this moment Belarusian girl’s attitude to life might cause little discomfort for you. She would divide all the things for man’s and woman’s. She would never help you in what is called man’s work and would accept for you to do it alone. She would also expect you to bring the main income to the family while she will be a housewife. It is not always like that, because most Belarusian girls successfully combine work and family duties, but many of them expect to remain housewife in case when they are getting married with foreigner. It might make you angry if you are average guy with middle income, but your princess does not take into consideration reality of life in your country where it is needed to work to live the life she liked so much. It is better to talk about this in advance, before marriage, and check her reaction. By the way, most likely she would expect you to have common family budget. In Belarus husband brings all his salary to his wife, than she adds her income and they have common family budget. If man hides part of his income it is considered to be meanly and big scandal is to come. You should explain Belarusian girl that in your country everyone has his own income, otherwise you are going to have problems.

Being obedient

Not all men are looking for obedient wife. Maybe genetic heritage of the men tells them to be dominant, but nowadays everything is changing and life in modern society dictates new rules. Equality in everything brings men to look for a PARTNER in their woman, but not for a SERVANT. Too bad, but many young Belarusian girls still play the role of servant in the family and feel themselves somehow if they are having some due because thanks to foreign husband she could move for permanent living to better country. If man got used to partnership relationships where he could get some progress thanks to his woman and where she gets some personal growth thanks to him, life with obedient woman from Belarus would be not what he was looking for.

Buy me new iPhone!

Too bad, but there are many girls in Belarus, who behave themselves differently than you expect and demonstrating opposite qualities than it is written in their profiles on dating websites. I am not saying all women in Belarus are like that. There are many polite women with great manners, but there are some who would hide their real intentions until they achieve their aim. The girl you know might be very attentive and caring for the first time, but since she would understand you are on the hook, she will slowly demand more from you. Being your girlfriend she might behave outwardly in front of her friends, whose men are Belarusian guys. She might demand from you sponsor her, because now she can’t behave in a different way – it is a society demand. And if you love her you will try to please her, otherwise she would make a scandal or take silent sanctions against you demonstrating she’s got offended. This all happens gradually and you can not notice it at first. Spending $150 on dress or $400 for shoes once in a month might seem quite normal for you, but then the appetite of your lady growth and you get into a trouble. This is what concerns common life with Belarusian girl if you both live in Belarus. If you will live, for example, in Germany or in the States she would not behave like that, taking your rules of the game, but Belarusian society dictates own rules which are not understandable, weird and usually not pleasant for average Westerner. For example, how would you react if your girlfriend would ask you to buy her fur coat which costs $1700?

Demonstrating she is Ms. ALL KNOW

Many Americans complain that Belarusian women for some reason consider themselves experts in everything. They often say that Americans do not know how to do this, that Americans do not know to do that, but Belarusians know everything perfectly. Then I would ask why Belarus is in such *ss of Europe? And why, for example, I have to be a plumber if I am a doctor? I would call the plumber if I need one to fix something and pay him for his work, right? In such a way we keep the balance in the society and it is normal when a man is professional in his field, but not knows “a little bit of everything”. Belarusian girls often do not get it and don’t accept any arguments. This may make any man angry, when woman stubbornly does not take into account the facts.

Author: Chloe Foresterer Mildstone

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