What is the right attitude to find Belarusian girl?

Actually, there is no some particularly right attitude. Every woman has her own preferences and one woman may like even idiot and the other would puke from nerd atmosphere of the guy near. You never know will particular girl like you or no. But there are some generally accepted standards of cultural behavior. Belarusian society is still very conservative because it is not only post communistic, but even now is still communistic to some extent. So, providing with general behavior advices which will help you to interest Belarusian girl is not that hard and we are going to start doing it right now.

Appearance. Belarusian girls like good looking men. If you have beard it should look good, accurate, to demonstrate you take care of it. The same with your hair – good haircut is necessary, no matter what kind you have. Your clothes should be neat, without big holes, no spots and dirt. You have to be clean and have good perfume odor, but slight, not aggressive or very strong one.

Manners. Try to demonstrate gallant type of behavior. Belarusian girls like when man demonstrates gentlemen manners. Let her get into the room or place first. Open the door for her. In Belarus men always pay for dinner in the restaurant, café, fast food – it does not matter. Make more compliments to Belarusian girl. She would appreciate that very much. Bring flowers for the date. If you bring flowers for no reason – it is also great decision of yours.

Be the man. Show her you are reliable. Do not demonstrate your income, but buy and pay for all necessary things. She probably has already evaluated your income by your brand of clothes, perfumes, watch and smartphone. Tell briefly about what you do for life. Show that you have plans and achieving them. Be initiative during the date, propose places to visit, things to do. You may ask her about her opinion, but final decision should be made by you. Belarusian men used to be with strong and powerful men and they can’t stand when man is unsure in his deeds, is not reliable, non confident.

Be fun. Make all the time she spends with you to be interesting. There is nothing worse for woman than boring companion. Traveling is great chance to bring you both into new atmosphere. By giving her new pleasant and positive emotions you are tying her to yourself with invisible rope. Traveling usually works great also because with local guys Belarusian girls do not travel much because of lack of money or low income, but with you she may open new horizons. Bring her to the trip to Europe where she might never been before, visit some warm climate countries and make pictures on yellow send of Malta beach. Impress her.

Be funny. If you are able to make good jokes it is very important in communication with every woman. If you don’t know how to make jokes – practice, because this is very needed feature.

And to sum up I will say you both have to feel pleasure from being together, from spending common time together. You have to need each other, but not to be nervous in front of each other. If you both feel great after the first sight – you have 90% to win her heart, and 10% are left for doing all what is written above.

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