What is the reason Americans dating Panamanian women?

Could you, guys, just give me the hints why so many Americans start dating girls of Panama and why many of them get married to women of this country? I understand that visiting some Latin American country just to get laid is popular among many foreign backpackers, but dating a girl from that country for long period of time is different, more serious and marriage is absolutely serious step, as for me. Why Panama? What is so special about Panamanian women? Maybe those guys are getting divorced in some short period of time after marriage? But that seems illogical according to complicated bureaucracy, system of civil law and its demands in Panama and lots of papers you have to gather for marrying Panamanian woman. Finally, long time it takes to marry representative if this country.

Is there statistics of divorces in American-Panamanian families? I’m sure it’s not that big amount of those Americans who has got married to Panamanian woman. Of course, I understand the world is big and different people are meeting on the streets of metropolis every day in the world and according to this Panamanian woman can walk somewhere in New York and bump into some John from Nebraska and start dating him and get married with him. This is just usual case, but in this article I am interested in growing trend of those guys who type in search engine the phrase “Panama girls for marriage” as I see every year this amount grows rapidly. I’ve got interested in this just for no reason and this question still remains open to me. Maybe someone could help me to understand this?

As there are many people in this world, of course, there are Americans who visit Panama wearing panama and looking for woman from Panama. Yep, so many of “panamas” in one sentence. And by learning economy you should know that if there is demand there are offers to propose. If you didn’t learn economy it is bad for you, but I’ll explain what I really mean. If there are Americans who visit Panama in search of women to marry, there are women in Panama who would eagerly marry American men.

The reasons of both are obvious, but stop… for a while. It is understandable why Panamanians would like to get married with American citizen – to escape Panama and live in the U.S., but I just don’t get why Americans come to visit this country in search of love, girlfriends or wives. Really, I don’t get why they don’t go rather to Colombia, well known and advertised of its pretties, or Bolivia, for example. Well, everyone has his own reasons. Some met Panamanian already in the USA and some went to Panama in business and after finding love of their life chose to live there or vice verse, after living for some long period they just needed love very badly and therefore you see international American-Panamanian family.

Finishing this article I still did not found answer to the questions this article makes and the main message was to figure out why American men leave their families in the USA for far away Panama and get married there to exotic Latina women. I will be in regular search and if I find something interesting, I will share it with you on the pages of this website and for now these are only thoughts written on the paper and most of you have probably noticed that.

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