What is the difference between Belarusian and Russian woman?

Sometimes it is easier to show common things and then to describe differences. This is what we will try to do. Both Russia and Belarus are post Soviet countries, but with the difference Russia was in charge and Belarus was driven, such a younger sister. This mental complex of younger sister is present in today’s Belarusian women and the whole population even nowadays. Such countries as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or Ukraine have chosen their own way and never were agree with Russian influence, but seems Belarusians always were ok with that.

If to bring political and geographical influence from country to people we can see this difference between women.

Different features between Russian and Belarusian girls:

Russian woman is proud to be Russian, she always knows what she wants – Belarusian woman often is not happy to be Belarusian, she would like to live in Moscow or abroad, because the real world is over there and Belarus is one big village.

Russian woman is emancipated, although not as much as Western women, of course. She chooses and demands what she wants from this life – Belarusian woman is rather very obedient.

Russian woman is picky when choosing fiancé and especially when it is going about foreigner – Belarusian woman is usually happy to marry every foreigner who would make her proposal, as it is considered a great luck in Belarus to marry foreigner

Russian woman traveled world a lot and she knows what is good and what is bad – Belarusian women has never been abroad, usually is very naïve and thinks that life on the West is a real paradise

Russian woman is actually a mix of Slavic culture and Mongol-Tatars – Belarus woman usually has purely Eastern Slavic genome

Common features between Russian and Belarusian girls:

They are both predominantly Slavs (although Russians are mixed ones) and both are possessing natural Beauty pretending to be the most pretty women in Europe and in the world

Both Russian and Belarusian girls are speaking Russian language

Both Russian and Belarusian girls share family values, are Orthodox Christians and recognize authority of the man in the family to some extent.

Both nations’ women are looking for stability, would like to build a family, want to have better future for their children than they had themselves and could be called rather more family oriented than career builders.

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