Typical women of Bhutan

In Bhutan there is a law according to which the inhabitants of the country should wear national clothes in public places. Clothes are unusual for Europeans or Americans, but beautiful. Men wear a robe to the knees and woolen knee socks. The bottom of the robe is silhouetted similar to the Scottish kilt. Women dress a long skirt up to the floor, which is a piece of a whole cloth drawn by an embroidered belt and a traditional silk blouse.

Women of Bhutan are amazingly beautiful. It is a subtle, even exquisite beauty, more fragile than the beauty of other peoples of Asia. The facial features are of Mongoloid type. Slim figures of local women are emphasized with thin structure of bones. The eyes of typical Bhutan woman are not very narrow which is untypical for most Asian countries. As for the lips – they are not very full.

Women of Bhutan as well as all inhabitants of this beautiful country transfer the feeling of comfort and some kind of chamber and home warm. This feeling often comes in this small country where people learned how not only to survive, but to live at an altitude of three thousand meters and be happy with small things.

In general there is only luxury tourism in Bhutan, which is quite expensive, as you might guess. There are no other types of tourism except for this for rich people. The cost of a visa to Bhutan is 500 euro. The cost of each day of stay in the country is 200 euro, unless you are the guest of the King. Now you see why there is not much information about Bhutan on the Internet as for other countries of the region.

With such prices it would be not easy to spend some time in the country in search of wife or girlfriend in Bhutan. Men from foreign states do not go as tourists in search of pretties and to spend time with pleasure and for cheap. All those measures made special unique atmosphere and preserved culture and beauty of Bhutan.

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