True story of American guy who has married Belarusian girlfriend

John, 22, Arizona. My friends made me birthday present – a tour to Belarus. Before that I have had no idea where Belarus is and what this country is associated with. I started gather information about Belarus on the Internet. So, as I got to know – this is former Soviet Union country where nowadays the president calls himself the last dictator of Europe and is proud of it. But except for politic I have also came across info that Belarus has the most beautiful Slavic girls in Europe, but at the same time they are called the most… accessible. I always had some traditional attitude to moral values and my friends made fun of me buying me such a vulgar tour to Belarus. But I never give up in front of difficulties and I decided to visit Belarus and how it is there. I wanted to see it all on my own eyes. What I will say – yes, the places I was brought by that agency at first were crappy for moral person. Those were clubs and bars full of low moral girls ready to convert their beauty for crunchy dollars. To the guy I am it was disgusting and I resigned, but I did not go back home. I decided to have my own trip in Belarus. I have found an apartment in Minsk thanks to couch surfing service and the owner who was nice guy on my request whether I could find an interpreter for few days have found me the number. My interpreter’s name was Katya. During two days she showed me Minsk and one day we have visited Belarusian countryside. Katya told me that it is true many girls in Belarus are trying to escape Belarus in any possible way and it is true there are girls who use their body just to earn money, but there are many young naïve girls in Belarus who think that by spending night with foreigner he will fall in love and become her boyfriend so some day to take her back home to his motherland. Jumping ahead I will say Katya is my wife for two years already and this information she openly expressed while she was already with me in the United States. Before that she was really afraid to tell something bad about her country even though it was vivid she is not really happy with her life there.

How did it happen I have married my Belarusian interpreter? Must say I really liked the girl, not only appearance (she is gorgeous), but also her intelligence, her points on many things. During those three days I have spent in Belarus with her we were discussing many topics and I really liked to be with her, to spend day with her (because at the end of the day I was coming back to my place and was going home). We kept communication on messenger after I came back home to the U.S. She was telling me about her day, about her challenges at work and I was telling what I was doing. We wrote each other messages and made video calls when we both had time and good humor. For her birthday on October 12 I made her present – a trip through Europe, but I informed her in advance – a month or more earlier, because she had to make a visa to travel European Union countries. She really liked our common trip and our relations became stronger. In about a year I made her proposal. Now we live in the U.S. at my place. For now Katya has found job at the company where they need knowledge of Russian at native speaker level, but there was time when she was working at the dishwasher at the restaurant.

We are happy together. She admits that in the U.S. you have to work really hard, but when she was in Belarus she had an opinion that the U.S. is a paradise where people live happily for doing nothing. By the way, most of Belarusians keep to this opinion.

In terms of Belarusian woman for wife I can tell she is great wife. Of course, I can not compare, because this is my first marriage (and hope the last one J ), but I am happy. As for stereotypes that Eastern European wife is only a housekeeper – this is not true. My Kate has many personal goals and self development is very important to her. She does house work and I help her or she helps me with stuff like laundry or cleaning the house, but it is not like she does it all the day long. She has her job and stuff for personal development to do, but… she is great in cooking. Damn, her dishes it is something awesome. Every dish. I’m serious. And she likes the whole process – preparing, cooking and watching whether it tastes me or not. I just really love her.

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