Tips you will need to know before dating girl from Paraguay

Vivid and quite obvious thing before dating girl from Paraguay is mental and cultural differences. Sometimes they could be so strong that in will make impossible dating at all. But don’t make quick decisions because it is personal and might be different for every single person.

Lifestyle in Paraguay is very slow and calm compared to the one in the USA. It does not mean people are lazy here and don’t want to work they just see the things different from what you see. This peculiar lifestyle of Paraguay is called here tranquil lifestyle or ‘tranquilo’ in Spanish. Dating girl from Paraguay you definitely have to take this into consideration because girls here are different than in other Latin American countries.

One more thing to know before dating Paraguayan girl is that ancestors of 95% of the country’s population were indigenous Paraguayan tribes mixed with European genes. Only in some parts of the country where compact living of Ukrainian offspring the situation is different; this is the city of Encarnacion, for example.

Being in Paraguay you will definitely get extra points from local girls for European looking appearance and that multiplies your chances to date local girl.

Don’t think you could easily get Paraguayan girl in bed after the first date. It is not common here even after some short dating period. The reason of this is that girls in Paraguay are family oriented and raised in their families in Christian traditions. Dating here means the step for more serious relations called marriage.

Family traditions are very strong here and because of poverty and traditions young people live with parents till they are 30 or longer and often after marriage of son or daughter both parents and newly created family live together under one roof. It is normal for Paraguay. If Paraguayan girlfriend has represented you to the family it means she expects you to be her future husband, but not ‘interesting overseas experience’ as she might be considered by you. Keep that in mind.

When you start dating girl from Paraguay or have such intention the best way to start conversation or get closer is showing your interest to her culture. It will make you more serious and more accepted in the eyes of her family, which believe me, is extremely important. But the most important thing when dating Paraguayan girl is learning Spanish. Even if it is poor you can improve it adding local Paraguayan Spanish differences, but the language is probably the most important thing; you just have no chances using English only. So, learn my tips and good luck with dating girl from Paraguay.

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