Successful stories of Americans who married Croatian women

Tim: I was born in Yellow Knife, Northwest Territories, Canada. When I was 5 we moved to Vancouver and at the age of 10 my parents divorced and I moved to Seattle and lived there with my mom and stepfather. I entered colleague in California later and found descent job, I just liked it here and I stayed here I guess forever. As for my wife you probably interested how we met? During the colleague time she was exchange student and I immediately noticed that hot beauty in one of the common classes. Later on we were both at the same party and I started talking to her, joking and it went somehow that way. It also was that we were hanging out with same company of friends and I saw Mirjana pretty often. As we hanged out in the same company we were also hanging out more together with each other. I don’t even remember the exact date or something like that so we announced our dating officially if it is possible to say this way 🙂

Mirjana speaks fluent English and so I did not felt any difficulties in communication although I had a lot of fun when we visited Croatia. She has a big family there. Actually, it is common for Croatians to close family ties and I liked the culture and some weird to me traditions, but language barrier was big issue to me. Sometimes I was like completely not understanding what is going on 🙂 Of course, Mirjana tried to help me and was a good interpreter, but still it was new little weird to me experience. It was fun though. Read also: Pluses of dating girl from Croatia

I don’t really think we have some cultural differences. I guess it is more about personal culture and how you were raised by your parents or something. My mother is catholic and we visited church on Sundays when I was young and I am pretty close with all these religious stuff. I mean I don’t visit church now and I am not really devoted Christian but I know what is it all about and my wife is also from Catholic family where they keep to the traditions much and my wife goes to the Church on big holidays. I mean we were upbringing in similar circumstances or atmosphere and I believe this helped us to understand each other better and finally get married.

We do not really argue at all. Yes, I make jokes like when Mirjana is doing something wrong. I laugh and say this is because she is Croatian and she often makes fun of me saying that’s because I am American, if I didn’t do something right way or something. But this is not serious and those are not evil jokes or something of that kind.

Actually, I didn’t really care about her nationality and country of origin. I just liked her at first because she was really pretty and then when we started communicating closer I saw she is really cool. I mean she knows a lot of different stuff about space, countries, cultures, languages. I was interesting for me to spend time with Mirjana and it is interesting for me now to spend time with my wife even though we are together for 12 years. I really love my wife and I think I am really happy man to have such a wonderful wife. We both have some kind of inner understanding, the 6th sense 🙂 No, really, we understand each other with half a word and if to believe marriages are conducted in heaven at first I guess it was so in my case. Read also: Family traditions in Croatia and Croatian family

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