Story of Australian who has married Belarusian woman

There is no precise statistics of how many Australians visit Belarus in search of bride. First of all it is due to the fact that Belarus is situated very far away from Australia, and, to say the truth, not every Australian knows about existence of such a country as Belarus. Australians just don’t need to know that – and that’s the point. On the other side – Belarus is now that popular and well know country of the region, as Russia, for example. Belarus is not attractive and popular for Australians destination to travel to. Belarusian should struggle hard not only to get visa to enter Australia, but also to buy expensive plane ticket to Australia which would cost more than a year income of average Belarusian. That is why there a few Belarusian in Australia the same as quite a few Australians in Belarus. Lack of cross-cultural communication between these countries which are close to each other only in alphabetical order makes only rare examples of marriages between Australian and Belarusian possible to find.

We have found one of such stories. Rob is from Brisbane, Australia. He had a chance to study new technologies in agriculture and how they are applied into life in the United Kingdom and one of his dreams became truth thanks to the U.K. But not this dream only. During his period of life he has met Julia – a tall blond girl with really deep blue eyes. Julia was from Belarus and worked as waitress in the local pub where Rob was from time to time visitor. Their relations were moving very slow, because Julia at first did not react at Rob’s wooing at all. She used to have many clients who are often drunk and make different proposals, usually immoral. Julia usually had a short conversation with such type of guys. But Rob was different. He was very polite, gentle and never obviously drunken. He asked for her phone number for more than 10 times and once Julia did not resist and left him his number on the piece of white napkin. They had a great time together after. When Julia had a day off they usually walked somewhere or visited interesting places of Glasgow or even made trips to different cities in the U.K. But life was very dramatic and in 8 month Rob got to know that according to some new policy changes Julia can’t get the U.K. working visa and in a short period of time she has to come back home to Belarus. Rob was depressed, but he did not know what to do. Julia went to Belarus, it was very sentimental farewell for Rob and her. At first Rob was in despair, but then he came up with the plan.

He thought that such a distance would be a good check for seriousness of their relationships as he heard once that the distance is like a wind for fire of love – a weak fire would die and strong fire would become only stronger and grow more as the wind blows. He visited Julia few times in Belarus and then few times in Poland, because having no possibility to go for work to the U.K. Julia went to work in Poland. Such relationships lasted for about 6 month as Rob had his own plan. As he had graduated he had nothing to do at the U.K. anymore. He went to Poland, rented there and apartment in the city Julia lived and Julia did not know anything about it. He also hired in Poland an agency which makes memorable and creative proposals and it was organized in such a way that Julia was working at the restaurant and after bringing dish to the man who was sitting on the far table in a suit and hat (she didn’t see his face at first) it appeared to be Rob, the light in the restaurant was turned off and the fire show decorations lighted up, somewhere huge bouquet of roses appeared in Rob’s hands and standing on his knee Rob asked Julia to become his wife. Julia was so much shocked that she could not speak, but a little later she happily agreed. The marriage was registered in Belarus, but they celebrated in Szczecin, Poland in the restaurant Julia worked in because the owner offered them restaurant for very attractive price. After marriage in a short time they’ve moved to Australia. They are both working but Rob is thinking about buying his own farm and Julia shares his plans. Such a history of love between people from different continents and realization of how interesting and unpredictable life of everyone could be.

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