Pluses of dating girl from Croatia

Croatian girls surely have many pluses and beauty is only one of them. Dating Croatian girl automatically means you are dating real model and everyone knows it. Although, Croatian men say they really like Eastern Slav girls, from Russia or Ukraine, for example; as for me this is because of instinct to find partner from far away so the progeny inherit new set of genes and become stronger. But let’s get to the point already and see what other pluses except for being super pretty have Croatian girls and why it is so great dating girl from Croatia?

Croatian girls are really passionate and this passion along with Slavic beauty and Balkan temperament makes man go crazy from pleasure. The passion could be observed everywhere even in routine life and it is in bed as well. The best way to observe nude Croatian passion is to observe how Croatian girls are cheering at the soccer games; after seeing that you would probably like to start dating Croatian girl.

Croatian girlfriend is not only full of passion and excitement, she is like non-stop battery that helps you to feel alive; she motivates you to make actions and feel all the paradigm of emotional rich life. I’m so happy Croatian girlfriends exist on this world! If one day you woke up and you realize Croatian girl is your girlfriend you may come back to bed to catch the dreams; but you should do it with great smile and great appreciation because fate loves you. Read also: Why girls from Croatia are wished as girlfriends among Americans?

Dating Croatian girlfriend you will see that she appreciates her and yours free time. She finds many small moments to make you have fun, to make you pleasant surprise; she knows that whole life consists of bunch of small moments and tries to make those moments happy, comfortable, and unforgettable. She knows work is important, but she organizes her time in such a way to combine personal life and work and you will get used to such comfortable mixture. Rest on the weekend and spending time together is great, but except for this you will have moments of rest and pleasure with your Croatian girlfriend during every single day. Croats like to have fun, to spend time with friend on the nature with barbecue and wine or beer, they also like to party on the weekends. Croatians know how to enjoy life every day; Croatian girl knows material side is important, but not the main thing; maybe you will not get millions, but you get enough to enjoy the life, wear good clothes, travel the world and the main thing is happy family and friend near you and ability to pay attention to small happy moments that make you feel happy as well; Croatian girlfriend will open new world for you, I’m sure.

Croatian girls speak good English and other foreign languages like Italian, German, French, especially high percent of girls with multilingual skills can be observed in touristic places and big cities. If you imagine Croatian beauty speaking to you with accent, tell me please, what can be hotter? Croatian girls are trying to win the attention of foreigners because that is interesting and makes some intrigue; that is why you have pretty good chances in dating Croatian girl. It is never boring when your girlfriend id Croatian as she is very open, optimistic, active and full of life and ideas, probably, that is because of Balkan temperament, what else can I say? If your girlfriend is from rural area, you will have a chance to meet her family and try real Croatian homemade wine; but be sure to behave and not ask your girlfriend to become your wife after few glasses.

Dating Croatian girl surely opens for you new horizons, new cultural experience and new ways of specific pleasure. Croatia is very romantic country with lots of resorts and beautiful places and dating here with girl, visiting all this ancient places, walking these streets makes your dating period unbelievable and brings some unique notes, for sure. If you like see and mountains it is one more reason to date Croatian, because almost every Croatian family has summer houses near the sea or in the mountains where you both could spend great time together or with the family or friends.

If you are real gourmet dating Croatian girl would open for you unforgettable world of unique Croatian cuisine with wide range of versatile dishes Croatian girl could cook for you.

You see, dating Croatian girl has many pluses and we have described only some of them; I am sure, there are much more of them and it is hard to remember and write about all of them; it is much better to visit this beautiful hospitable country and feel the enjoyment yourself.  

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