Places to go for a date in Paraguay

If you are bored of typical places where you can spend a wonderful date in Paraguay then you have to be inventive and find some unusual spots for dating.  It greatly depends on the part of Paraguay you are in, but we are talking about Paraguay in general.

If your girlfriend is from Paraguay you may ask her as local about some interesting places to spend great time to together, but it is better to do it on the third or some later dates because Paraguayan girls expect the man to be initiative and show his leadership skills and the first and the second date you have to do your best by yourself trying to surprise her even if the date would be trivial.

Where to go for a date in Asuncion? The capital of the country has plenty of cafes and restaurants that are quite cheap for American or European and you may use this fact. If you want to go for a walk in Asuncion you may go to the modern district called San Jeronimo. There are many interesting art decorated buildings and places and maybe your girl would tell you something more interesting about this place as well.  The trick is to make the girl telling you as much info and make her talk. Traditional understanding of the man by Paraguayan girl is that he has talk less and shows more by his actions. As for the capital, there are not much interesting places here,  but colonial architecture might be interesting for you.  Even though Asuncion seems somewhat careless it has some charm and there is a possibility to have great date here.

If you are tired of the capital, 7 hours by comfortable bus and you and your girlfriend are in the city of Cuidad del Este on the border with Brazil. Long bus trip will make you closer and then you will make greatest surprise for your Paraguayan girlfriend. The point is that Cuidad delivers Este is free economical zone, the city is also called the South American supermarket because everything here is much cheaper than in other Paraguayan cities and here you can make great shopping with your girlfriend and make her lots of presents; believe me she would be really pleased by that and will remember that trip.

You also have to remember that despite the fact Paraguay is one of the most quickly developing economies in the world it is still one of the poorest countries of the world. Class inequality is still what is vivid in the country and depending on what family your Paraguayan girlfriend comes from you can plan your dating period based on money but don’t show up,  be rather modest but make her see you earn well. By the way, living in Paraguay is very cheap as for westerner. For five days my girlfriend and I spent about 300 dollars where $100 we spent for food and $100 for accommodation.

Despite the class gradation people in Paraguay are very generous and do not have barriers between each other. Wealthy guy could have friends among poorer not because he has money.

When you are thinking of places to date in Paraguay take into consideration 95% of all the population lives on the South East of Paraguay. So probably you will have a date somewhere along there. In general Paraguay is very peaceful and pleasant country where a very thing is “tranquilo” which means calm in Spanish. People here are not in hurry and your date would have such style as well. Here in Paraguay it is both lifestyle and attitude to life in general. During your calm date in Paraguay you can consider drinking traditional Paraguay drink – terere, also known as cold mate. You can ask your Paraguayan girlfriend to tell you more about mate and terere.

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