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Republic of Peru is a country in South America. It shares borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. Peru is washed by waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Within the country from west to east there are three major natural areas: Costa – coastal desert, the Sierra – the highlands of the Andes and the Selva – eastern slopes of the Andes and the adjacent plains of the Amazon Basin.

Official Languages are: Spanish, Quechua and Aymara. English language is understood only in the cities, good hotels, and shops. In Peru 90% of the population are Catholics.

The history of Peru goes back to centuries. The mighty Incan civilization has left here a lot of its cultural heritage – the remains of the grand temples and palaces, magnificent network of roads, water supply, etc.

Peru is a country with diversity of locations for vacationers: luxurious world-class hotels in modern skyscrapers and historic hotels, which are located in the monasteries of the XVI century, cheap family hotels and rural houses, located at the famous rainforest. In addition, there are also quite usual hostels for visitors. Apart from this, a range of new business-class hotels is developing in Peru.

Traditionally, the most budget option of accommodation in Peru are hostels that are working around the clock here. Breakfast is not included in the price and is only available at an additional cost. Those who prefer the comfort of home and home-cooked food, can stay in hotels such as “Pousada” – small family hotel, the type of European Bed & Breakfast.

A special type of accommodation in Peru is Tambo; living in them means the minimum comfort and some risk. There is a huge number of environmental hotels, most of which are located in scenic spots and some are in the jungle.

The biggest problem when traveling in Peru is theft. Do not carry large sums of money with you; clothes and personal belongings are also advised to refrain from visiting the slums. Do not leave money and jewelry in the hotel room (hotels are not responsible for the safety of things in the rooms) – for this purpose there are special safes at the reception of the hotel.

Peru is also known as country of pretty and friendly girls who are open to chat with foreigners. Tourists from the US and Europe like to visit Peru in search of wife. Women in Peru are known as not only pretty, but also very kind, caring and family oriented; they love family, husband and kids and like when happy family is the basic in their life. Such feminine women are real dream for westerners nowadays.

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