Paraguay – country, its traditions, society, pretty women

The Republic of Paraguay is a country in South America, which has no outlet to the sea. In the south and south-west it borders with Argentina, on the north-west – with Bolivia, in the east and north-east – with Brazil.

Paraguay is presidential republic. Official Language: Spanish, Guaraní. For international communication widely used is indigenous language, Guaraní. 37% of the population speaks only Guaraní, 50% speaks Spanish and Guarani, 7% of the population speak Spanish and only 6% speak German, Japanese, and Korean. The official religion in Paraguay is Catholicism. About 90% of Paraguayan citizens are Catholics and 10% are Protestants (Mennonites).

The tops in the restaurants are of 10% of the total bill. In middle class restaurants you may leave 1000 PYG. The certificate of vaccination against yellow fever is required from all travelers over the age of nine months, intending to visit the area to the east and west of the capital. On the streets of local communities there are many stray dogs, so they should be feared as potential carriers of rabies. Still not afraid to visit Paraguay in search of pretty Paraguayan women? Keep reading.

In the capital and other major cities, where there are many beggars and street thieves, there is a fairly significant risk to face the fraud most often it occurs while the currency exchanges. On many streets there are many idly wandering people, especially young people, many of whom are not averse to offer dubious products or services. In rural areas of Paraguay theft or deception guest unthinkable from a moral point of view.

So if you are thinking about serious relations with girl from Paraguay it is better to look for one in the rural area, although, this has some peculiarities as well.

Paraguay is the poor South American country where there is not much to do at all and the best option is to get acquainted with some pretty local Paraguay girls and spend time with them if you find some, of course.

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