Panamanian women: do they often marry Americans?

Marrying women from Panama? This idea occurred in your mind? You have already married to Panamanian woman? If you are married then this article is not for you because you will not find anything interesting here. If you don’t need any information about some legal requirements about marriage in Panama and you would like only to see some opinions and key facts why foreigner marry girls of Panamathan this is place for you.

Is it common for girls from Panama to marry foreigners? There are many successful and not very successful stories about marriage of expats or foreigners, usually American citizens, who have found their happiness with Panamanian wife.

It is good that stories of common marriage of Americans and Panamanians are mostly happy. I wish to say many U.S. citizens who had married Panamanian woman, stay for permanent living in Panama, not being in hurry to come back to the U.S. Does it tell you about something? Well, it means Panamanian girls in vast majority are not looking for Americans to have relations, get married and to escape Panama for the U.S.; of course, there are some girls like that in every country, but here in Panama it does not have massive character. You will not find many girls here who are ready to marry foreigner just for changing the country of living. Read also: When you choose to marry woman from Panama…

We may assume then that relations between Panamanian women and foreign men and marriages that are conducted in Panama between citizens of Panama and alien citizens are based on true feelings. Most of them have found each other not on purpose, but in real life like being at work, making some volunteer activities or visiting something that interests both, like swimming or yoga classes, it does not really matters.

There might be also religious issues, as because most of women in Panama are Roman Catholics and visit church every Sunday. So before marrying with girl from Panama, as foreigner, if you have other beliefs you have to respect her religion and you will have church wedding for sure.

One more issue is language issue. You will have to learn Spanish at first and she would learn English. Probably, she would speak better English than you speak Spanish, but your marriage will make you both bilingual if you are not yet J

Marriage with Panamanian woman is possible, but you can’t buy yourself a wife, as many men think; sorry if it sounds rude. The basis of good marriage for women from Panama is family oriented union of both felt in love people. If within the time passion fades a little, then the union is based more on mutual respect and trust; but trust is also main trait from the very beginning. If you are patient enough and are looking for real, serious relations, you will find good candidate for wife in Panama, although women of this country are not very eager to marry foreigners and to leave Panama for the country of foreign husband.

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