Mistakes you often make when start dating Belarusian girl

Most of Western men when start dating Belarusian girl became treat them as they would treat the girl way back home, but do not take into consideration cultural and mental differences. I will try to explain.

The main difference lies in upbringing and freedom level in the country. On West women are emancipated and men are trying to treat them equal. It won’t work in Belarus, because women here are different and such attitude would bring only problems. For example, Belarusian girl would be offended if you will not pay for her in the restaurant or split the bill; she will be offended if you enter the room first (or if not offended – then impolite); if you would leave heavy box for her to lift she would be offended, angry and consider you not attentive to her, not caring and indifferent; if you will try to help Belarusian girl cooking she might accept this as your doubts in her culinary talent and that you think she is bad at doing house duties.

Belarusian girl also respects and subconsciously is ready to be with strong man, with leader man. If you will be too sentimental, start crying or showing her emotions she would not accept that and would take you for weak person. It would mean she would have to play the role of getter, defender – a man’s role in the family and as Belarusian women are family oriented in traditional way such weak man is just not acceptable for average women from Belarus.

Written above does not mean you have to dictate your rules and make tyranny in the family or even while being a boyfriend of Belarusian lady. You have to take into consideration her opinion, ask what she thinks is better to do in particular situation, but the last word should be told by you. You also have to take leading role and never show you are weak. You have to be reliable and never give your girl a shade of doubt or weakness.

Another mistake of different type when guy just starts dating Belarusian girl is that he opens all cards. Man should always have intrigue for the girl, he has to be interesting and have his secret or whatever you call it. Otherwise she would lose interest in him. Never tell at the very beginning in details what you are doing for life, about all your hobbies. Tell only briefly about everything which is important to you and then keep the girl’s interest. Keep some intrigue.

Do not focus too much on dating, your new relationships and the process. Remember that girl liked you the way you were before your relationships and if you will change yourself too much, be too tensed, you will be another person for the girl who knew you open, easy and fun. So, just keep being yourself and in attention to relationships also keep the balance.

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