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Marriage with girl from Croatia is dream for many foreigners, although, has its own features you have to know. We will not talk about the fact why foreigners choose Croatian women to marry, because we have written a lot about this; I will probably name only main reasons like beauty of Croatian women, their intelligence, hospitable character and western understanding of the world with successfully combined national traditional values.

Croatian requirements when you are going to marry their citizen:

Probably, first of all you need to get so called marriage license. This is Certificate of No Impediment; you take it either in your home country or your embassy in Croatia. Then you have to register this Certificate of No Impediment at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then it will be verified. Those documents have to be ready no later than 30 days before official wedding ceremony.

Documents you will need to marry in Croatia:

  • Passport and copy of the passport
  • Certificate of No Impediment with apostille stamp
  • Photocopies of your witnesses passports
  • Birth certificates with an apostille stamp
  • If you have been divorced then your first marriage certificate and the final divorce
  • If you are widowed then the death certificate of your previous wife

Peculiar fact in Croatia two witnesses who are over 18 years old must be present at the ceremony. Of course, both of the couple that is going to be married also must be over 18 years old.

What marriages traditions you have to expect from Croatian marriage?

Nowadays weddings are modern and more European, but traditionally it was with local costumes; now these traditions with special dresses and costumes are kept mostly in rural areas. Croatian wedding is usually full of romantic because the country itself, the landscapes and warm climate where spring could be smelled in the air make wedding in Croatia probably the most romantic in the world; and here as anywhere else wedding could be transformed into honey moon cruise or travel. Read also: Pluses of dating girl from Croatia

Croatian tradition is use an apple with coins stuck in it instead of the wedding ring and if the girl accepted it meant she agrees to marry the guy. If you are dating Croatian girl and have serious intentions, before giving her ring, try it and this will make things even more interesting and probably she would estimate this.

In Croatia you have to buy the bride. Selling the bride is joke tradition, when fiancée comes to the house of bride yelling he wants to marry her. Father and brothers of future bride do not want to let the bride go. They ask men to do push-ups to show physical strengths, to sing a song, to show money or to drink homemade alcohol. This ends with his promises to love and take care of bride; then she goes to his embraces. Sometimes family of the bride makes a trick and instead of the bride sends granny or artificial doll to the fiancée; then he asks to give him real bride. Of course, this is just fun tradition and it takes place after couple agreed to marry in advance.

In front of wedding ceremony in Croatia you will see the guy with national flag, who is waving, yelling, signalizing everyone there is wedding here! This duty is considered very important even nowadays.

The bride puts veil over face in order to protect her from evil spirits as it was believed; she took the veil of after ceremony just before the husband kisses her. Now the traditions have changed and it is acceptable to be dressed up in different clothes.

As Croatians mostly are Roman Catholics the wedding ceremony takes place in the church with priest.

One more interesting Croatian tradition is deciding who is going to be the real head of the family; for this after the ceremony couple tried to step first on each other’s foot; the one who does this first would be the head of the family.

After the official ceremony married couple with guests is going to the restaurant where everyone is enjoying the celebration, eating, dancing. During the celebration guests line up and give presents to married couple; those could be money or useful at household appliances. Wedding cake, songs and dances are the part of celebration as well. Wedding traditions in Croatia also depend on the region of the country and might have some other peculiarities.

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