I decided to marry Bolivian girl

“I want to marry girl from Bolivia” one day I came up with some strange idea; I don’t know why it happened, maybe under influence of some TV programs about nature, culture and people of that country; maybe it was mysterious impact of my mind to Nervous System but this day I clearly knew I have to find appropriate girl from Bolivia who could become perfect wife for me and the best mother for our future children.

Bolivia is a little bit dangerous country in understanding of westerner, but if to keep to the rules, there is nothing so bad in Bolivia and this is nice country with beautiful people, perfect girls and exciting landscapes. Marriage with Bolivian woman has many pluses. Girl from Bolivia was born with maternal instinct which was lost by many female representatives of western society who are in regular non-stop race for career; Bolivian wife would take care of children and family, because she loves her husband, kids and family and this is natural to her to occupy this cell in family relations. Bolivian women are sincere and even little shy; those features attract men from all over the world. Bolivian woman is capable to connect work and at the same time do family work like cleaning at the house, washing etc. looking after kids and all this whole bunch of tasks she does with smile, no complains, she even likes this; doesn’t it sound like perfect wife? Those are only some briefly described reasons why I want my future wife to be Bolivian. Read also: Dating Bolivian Girls: Yes or No?

When you decided to marry Bolivian woman you also have to pay attention to things like religion and language. As for religion, 80% of Bolivians are Roman Catholics and they strongly keep to the traditions, often visiting church every Sunday; you have to remember whole her family usually would be religious. Concerning language issue, you have to learn Spanish if you don’t speak Spanish yet, because there is very small chance Bolivian girl would speak English and even if she would, you will have to interact somehow with her family. Most likely that after marriage she would speak English and you would speak Spanish, what is not weird now as half of US speaks Spanish today; in any case this is also good for personal self development for both spouses.

You must know also most Bolivians usually live for 3 years in civil marriage and are getting married officially after; well, that fact sounds not very religious, but at least it is the same young people in America or Europe do often.

To conduct marriage with citizen of Bolivia you will have way to go and to overcome some formal obstacles.

To conduct marriage in Bolivia you will need:

  • Passport
  • Certified original copy of birth certificate translated into Spanish and authenticated by Bolivian authorities
  • Certificate of eligibility to marry, such as death certificate if deceased or divorce certificates if divorced also translated into Spanish and authenticated by Bolivian authorities
  • Proof of three months consistent residence in Bolivia
  • Only civil marriages are recognized as legal in Bolivia and are performed  by a civil registry official, either before or after a the religious ceremony at Church.
  • Although the marriage age in Bolivia is 21, men can marry at 16 and women at 14, with parental consent.

If the citizen of Bolivia has already married citizen of US she/he would need so called “marriage visa” to enter the territory of The United States of America.

What marriage traditions and customs are in Bolivia?

There usually state wedding ceremony and church wedding ceremony in Bolivia. During state ceremony, as anywhere else in the world, both spouses sign papers which legalize their marriage; if you want your marriage to be considered legal and valid in Bolivia, you need to have official state wedding ceremony.

After the ceremony just married couple is given presents; among traditional Bolivian presents you can find traditional Bolivian colored handmade ring and small bag of local coffee.

After so-called official part non-official celebration begins. Usually Bolivians celebrate wedding for three days with lots of food, drinks, Latin dances and many other traditional ways to have fun. As for food, there are many different types of meet like chicken, pork, beef successfully combined with vegetables and delicious sauces. The most weddings take place in summer and in Bolivia it is in December as the country lies in southern hemisphere.

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    i am an indian and wish to get married a matured and simple bolivian woma, religion not at all an issue

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