How women from Ecuador treat men from Africa?

No one would never ever tell you the truth about this, because… no one knows itself. There are no some extra negative attitude of Ecuadorian women towards black men. If you are sure that you want to find love in Ecuador you have TO ACT! Nothing would stop you if you are self confident man except for your own superstitions and doubts. There is nothing worse in eyes of woman than unconfident man. You have to get what you need and for this you have to think about your pluses, your positive qualities, how good man you are and how caring husband you could be; you have to believe you are the best as positive attitude is your main feature on the way to self satisfaction and self success. Color of your skin does not matter, especially when it is going about real feelings because women take care about appearance only at the first meeting and later it does not play that important role. As for men, it is completely different as we usually want our girlfriend look pretty and sexy all the time.

If to talk about Ecuadorian women and whether they like black men then it is important to mention there are different types of women. There are some called gold diggers and if black man would be from the USA, they would try to attract his attention in all possible ways, but man from Nigeria, for example, might be not interesting for such type of girls, unless he is some kind of prince with tough wallet. As you see, it is nothing about color of your skin here as well. But if you are looking for real feelings, you don’t have to worry because you are not looking for such type of Ecuadorian girls, right?

There is one more thing, why Ecuadorian girls might be interested in black guys. This is according to what everyone in the world knows about black guys and what they have in their pants! Yes, yes, Ecuadorian women like to get pleasure and satisfaction in bed and with your “gadget” you might be interesting target for Ecuadorian woman. In addition to that you have to be in your best attire, be physically strong and healthy and be neat, dressed in nice clean clothes. Believe me, there are no woman on this planet who would leave a man with whom she has great sex. Keep that in mind and use it as one of your advantages and pros. And remember: to conquer Ecuadorian woman you don’t have to think what country you are from or what color of skin you have: confidence, confidence and one more time confidence! In addition – positive attitude to life and good sense of humor would help you to get Ecuadorian wife of your dreams. Just be patient, consequent and move towards your aim. Even if you will have some bad experience with Ecuadorian girl, don’t give up, and keep looking for the next girl, your success depends on you, if some girl didn’t like you or said something bad towards you – this is just not your type of girl and that’s it! There are many who would be happy to date with you, become your girlfriend and future wife!

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