How not to lose your identity if your Moldovan woman has stronger character than you

Nature has created us in such a way that we know better what we want because we choose it ourselves subconsciously. And those people who do not want to follow their intuition and filter everything through logical acceptance usually feel disappointment from their wrong second choice. The same in relationships. All the time we hear that man should be like that, man should do that and never should do that… Remember once and for all: your do not need anything to prove, to do and to make unless you want it yourself. Stop living under pressure of thoughts of other people and start choosing your own path in this life which you would really like to follow. It concerns your relationships with woman as well.

Here is the case where woman has strong character and what you have to do? Nothing maybe? Maybe you are ok with such position and you get satisfaction from your role? In relationships one person is always leader – either man or woman and there are no equal relationships. If your Moldovan woman has “balls” and you do not have – it is impossible to grow them now. For some reason you have chosen this woman and she has chosen you and if you are living together for some pretty long period of time this means you fit each other. Why would you like to change positions if she likes to be on top and you like to be under? Because some of your friends has told you? Because you have seen such show on the TV and got many useful tips how to become real man? I will have to disappoint you – if you are rabbit, you will not become a lion, especially if your woman is real lioness. Even if you start practicing and making your character stronger step by step it would not be enough to “fight” with your lioness – at first she would just laugh at you (because she chose you because you are rabbit) and later she would show you the door because she does not need lion, she needs rabbit.

What does it all mean? I don’t want to say that you have to let your woman do everything she wants. You have never let her to offend you and you have to show you have your own dignity. Yes, maybe you have weaker character, but you have your dignity. If she will not understand this – you better leave her, because without respect you will not build successful relationships. But if she understands you and you understand her and the only reason you worry about is that you are man, but your Moldovan woman has stronger character – the whole situation is ok, but there is something wrong with you, maybe you have low self esteem level and some complex.

What ways out of the situation you have if your Moldovan woman has stronger character that you?

First. Leave the situation as it is and live happily ever after with your Moldovan woman if you both lived together for long time and everything was alright until now when you suddenly realized it or someone helped you to realize it.

Second. Talk with your woman about issues you don’t like, do not accept and which to your mind are not normal and touch your dignity. If your woman is wise but just has stronger than you character she will understand you and will try to calm down a little, at least for some time at the beginning.

Third. If the situation is unbearable and reminds you home tyranny, you tried everything like talking, explaining and yelling but it did not help – you do not have to live in the atmosphere of humiliation just because you are more polite, weaker or shy. Such woman probably deserves to be with other suitable for her man, but you have to think about leaving her.

And do not make a tragedy from the fact that woman has stronger character than you if it does not make you any problems except for this fact itself and you happily live together. Take her for a person, not a wife, girlfriend, woman – just person who has such qualities of character and you have different qualities – that’s it. Just take it easy.

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