How not to get confused with choosing the right girl in Czech Republic

The best advice which could be given when choosing the right girl in Czechia is to follow your mind, but not your instincts. To follow your heart, but not your animal primitive desire. What does it mean and what is the difference?

Mind always choose logical ways and doubts everything. Mind asks you a lot of questions although many of them are exaggerated to some extent – some more and some less. For example, when you start dating a girl you think a lot about her previous life and would like to build future with her which is based on her past. You want to omit some mistakes in such a way and at the same time to decide whether it is possible to build reliable relations with your Czech girlfriend. If she had a lot of guys before, you might assume she would have some love affairs in the future and you are just number 87. If she cheated on her boyfriend earlier someday she might cheat on you as well. If she can’t cook, probably this mission will be on your shoulders. If she is with you because of money someday she might find someone who is more rich than you or might find lover and you will sponsor her. At the same time your mind allows you to see her positive sides. She is great in the kitchen and likes to clean the house – you could have great housewife. She likes to travel – you will never be bored. She is good psychologist – you will have no quarrels and always find a way out in hard questions concerning your common life. But the thing is that man’s body is built in such a way that we rather follow primitive animal instincts as it helps us to breed. Conscious mind is automatically turning off when we liked some beautiful Czech girl. We do everything to be with her, even if vivid obvious facts tell us she is a real s…, for example.

It is very important to have ability to turn on your mind and see reality as it is during period when your body is completely on instincts. This ability is hard to get, but it comes with practice. Before going to Czech Republic in search of serious relationships it is needed to have experiense with girls in your own country. The more dating experience you have – the better it is. I mean really dating experience, relationships, but not the quantity of contacts.

What does it mean to follow your heart? It means when everything is in natural balance. You really like that girl, you want to talk to her and happy to see her smiling face. You miss her when she is far away. You are happy together. But at the same time she attracts you physically, she seems hot to you; you get excited when she is talking to you on the phone and you hear her voice. Your mind analyzes everything but there are no obstacles on the way, mind is OK with the situation, negative thoughts are minor and positive thoughts prevail. You have energy for work, for business, for rest, you have new ideas and this is all because of her – than it is what I call to follow your heart when choosing Czech girl to be your spouse for life.

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