How my Hungarian girl appeared not to be… Hungarian!

This time I was not a hundred percents sure whether to tell about my adventures in Hungary or not. But then I decided if I will tell about this without specifying names and particular places it still would be interesting, maybe fascinating but it won’t bring any harm to anyone and will sound just like interesting story.

Must say that in general I am very calm person, I don’t really like conflicts and arguments. But when it is going about someone pisses me off I become quite unpredictable and easily could punch my opponent. At school and at the University I was a good student. I was not nerd, I had friends and we were hanging out, but I was king of tranquil and… modest… yep, modest – that would be the right word here. Probably the reason is that I have very good caring family, my parents are living for 43 years together and are happy and I am very proud of them and my family. But sometimes you want to think out of the box and leave everyday comfortable life. Such mood swings very often happen to me when there is a season change and I am sure this is because of hormones. For example, last year I visited Thailand and this was spontaneous decision. It is not like I am some sex tourist or something. I used to have 3 long lasting relationships, but they ended with nothing and I am swearing I was thinking about creating the family and kids. My first girlfriend cheated me with about 10 other guys and when I was told about it by my friends I didn’t believe them and believed her until I saw everything with my own eyes. My second girlfriend, who had a daughter, by the way, came back to her ex-husband after a year of divorce. My third girlfriend was kind, descent, she was ok for me… even perfect in some sense of this world, but we were not interested in each other. This is what I call when you can’t give each other any positive or negative experience, because you are pretty much the same and you have nothing to learn from each other. People who want long lasting relations should intrigue each other and so they should be different. So, this time I decided to visit Hungary and find here different soul mates. hD.

Why exactly Hungary? I don’t know. Maybe when I was at the University we had exchange student Veronika from Hungary. She was pretty. But maybe this is not the real reason. I don’t know, but I visited Hungary and I was happy.

My trip was pretty long as I flew from the US to Turkey and then to Budapest. I came when it was rather cold and most of the time I spent inside of hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs. I had fun just as I could. I was hanging out, drinking, dancing and partying with different companies and girls. I had wonderful time in bed with Hungarian chicks. I have spent $3456 dollars for three days and I got… tired. Some kind of depression started to follow me. I tried to fight it with alcohol, but the next day it only got worse. And once I have found announcement that on the East of Hungary there are many recreational places close to the Mountains and they have hot mineral waters. I decided to go over there and it was great decision. I really got healthier there, my depression disappeared somewhere as I never had it at all. But what is even more interesting, I started visiting old church in small village here. I just felt really comfortable there. Few times I visited the church I met a local girl in scarf over her head. Few times she smiled to me. We never talked, but after I came back to the US I kept thinking about her. Next year I came back there in summer. Few times I visited the church and there were no that girl, but the last time when I came there before my departure I met her again. I didn’t know any Hungarian, but I started conversation in English and she responded to me in pure fluent English! What was my surprise when I got to know she was American, but her grandmother is Hungarian and she used to live in this village. She told that she hasn’t visited this place for 4 months and went to Slovakia, but two times she had the same dream where she was visiting this church and there were full of sun and smiling people. She decided to go here and check what is going on and was very surprised to meet me here. Do you believe in faith? She told me about herself and our life stories were pretty similar, I mean in the way of lifestyle. She told me she had panic attacks and that visiting this place also helped her a lot to get rid of them. Since that time we started to communicate more and even came back together to the United States, but now we live together in Hungary. We like it here much more, we feel comfortable and we have found harmony. That is how I found my American Hungarian girl with Hungarian roots.

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