How is Croatian woman different from American?

Such differences could be conditional and greatly depend on particular person, his/her upbringing, relatives, friends, other people and society that surrounds in general. All factors above are very important for the formation of personality process and they count. Absolute truth in such complicated things where it is going about national or cultural characteristics of different people, nations, characters – is never possible and what we are actually doing here is generalization and supporting stereotypes. We do not want to do that and we keep saying that stereotypes are not good and general features could not be applied to everyone, but people keep looking for stereotypical information and if there is a demand – there is a supply. Just in case, we are asking everyone who reads this do not take the information personally and if you are Croatian woman or American woman and you do not agree with features described, or if you have friends among those nations and they are different – this is your experience and your facts and we have different facts in this article and we think every person has the right to say its own opinion.

After such a long, but as the time shows, needed introduction, we finally got closer to actual differences between Croatian and American women.

The main difference is they are speaking different languages and live in different continents, Americans in North America and Croatians in Europe. Such geographical distance makes impact on the cultural level. Croatia is known for traditional culture and the USA is a melting pot of culture and nations and, of course, this also has impact on how women behave and how they are.

The amount of sun radiation, mountainous area, seaside and relatively small territory of the country makes Croatian women have specific type of suntan. If to talk about American woman, you could say they live from Hawaii to Alaska and there is big difference between taxes and Illinois. Read also: Croatian dating sites – wanna try your fortune?

In terms of character and attitude to life the differences between American and Croatian women are more vivid. Although Croatian women are influenced by European emancipation movements as well, many of them are still family oriented and prefer to be a wife rather than build a career and to be alone. Both – American and Croatian women respect their personal choice and freedom, but Croatian woman is often much eager to recognize her husband the head of the family, while American woman would always treat herself to be equal in marriage.

House duties are divided in American family, but modern Croatian girl is also not in hurry to become a housewife, the times are changing and traditional role when man is at work and woman is taking care about the house and children is rare for modern Croatia. Usually both – husband and wife work.

Both – Croatian and American women are ambitious, but if to measure the level, American woman could tale 10 and Croatian only 6-7 points. Croatian woman would agree for the role of happy housewife and will take the most part in children upbringing process in her husband earns enough for the whole family and something more is left.

In terms of beauty Croatian women win. Standards of beauty, of course, are different and for someone his American wife is the prettiest and the most kind and so on, but these model looking Croatian beauties with damn hot crazy mixture of Slavic and Balkan (and whoever knows which also) genes makes them adorable. I guess it is superfluous to remind about their pretty faces, slim figures, proper cosmetics, elegant closes – and on the contrary showing average American woman, who almost never use any cosmetics, often does not care what she is dressed in and does not care about opinion of other people – by the way, Croatian woman often DOES care about opinion of others, especially if it is a small town or city, especially important is opinion of colleagues, friends, relatives and even… neighbors.

The more you compare both cultures, the more you see common things and the more differences you observe at the same time. It is better to watch differences on the examples of particular people, but in this case you can not say all Croatian or all Romanian women do or do not do so. I would rather not pay great attention to well known stereotypes about American and Croatian women, but would advice to judge on personal case situations and make right conclusions. Read also: Successful stories of Americans who married Croatian woman

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