Good places for spending dating time in Estonia

Boring typical dating schemes are well known and could be found everywhere beginning from the Internet and finishing with magazines, e-books and paperback literature. So, there is no typical need to repeat all this information once more. We are more interested in particular and narrow topic – how to spend interesting dating time in Estonia. This could be some non-trivial date, not a typical one in the restaurant with red candles and expensive dishes. Life is very interesting and pure emotions could bring many positive in your life, especially if to combine spending spare time with your Estonian girlfriend. So, let’s move on and see which unique places has Estonia for your dating time.

If you want to spend more time with your girlfriend alone in summer in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, (I don’t mean hotel room ;)) Estonian student city Tartu is a great option. You may ask how noisy student town could be quiet? Right, but it is summer and students and teachers have left the city. You can walk with your girlfriend through quiet parks, visit observatory or visit the heart of the city – Toomemyagi hill. In a park among trees, paved paths and connecting bridges, which together with the library, anatomikum, observatory and clinic create the center of the spiritual life of the city, you can have a good rest with your soul and body and therefore have quiet and peaceful date in romantic nature atmosphere.

Every girl likes sea and sea resorts, because climate and atmosphere make it even more romantic. You may have relaxing date on one of the famous Estonian beaches. The date under the sounds of waves – what could be more romantic? Starting the date with walk and friendly conversation you can finish it in cozy restaurant closely to the seaside. Ristna Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Estonia, located on the island of Hiiumaa on the top of the Kõpu Peninsula. Because of the peculiarities of the sea relief with the western wind, waves that are formed here, ideally suite for surfing. If you are good surfer you could teach the girl surfing – how about such non-trivial date? Ristna beach is very popular among lovers of water sports. On the beach of Ristna you will find large sand, and the bottom becomes deep just a few meters from the shore. Bathing on the beach is carried out under personal responsibility, since the beach is not official, and there are no rescue services on the waters. So, if your date was so hot that you decided to cool a little bit down in cool sea water, keep in mind that security should always take important place during every activity, even extreme dating.

Continuing the topic of dating on the beach in Estonia we could recommend Narva-Jõesuu Beach. Narva-Jõesuu is famous for its unique natural environment. Framed by an original pine forest, Narva-Jõesuu beach with the smallest sand is considered to be the longest in Estonia – about 7.5 km along the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. On the beach there are lifeguards, there is a beach volleyball court, children’s attractions, changing cabins and an outdoor shower.

You may bring some fresh stream to your dating time with Estonian girl if you both are fans of either architecture or history. Then you are welcome to visit The Bishop’s fortress in Kuressaare, which is also called the Kuressaare castle, was built in the 14th century. At the present time the Saaremaa Museum is located in the castle building with a permanent exhibition and various temporary exhibitions. The building of the convent in the bishop’s castle is the only medieval fortress in the Baltic region that has survived to our time without significant changes. In addition to an inexpressible aesthetic impression, which produces a refined originality of architectural style and scale of construction, visiting the fortress will give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge in the historical area, plunge into the past and feel the real spirit of the Middle Ages. Must warn you that visiting such places with Estonian girl you should surely not on the first date, and probably not on the second one and only under condition that you both like such places, because there is probably nothing worse than boring date.

You may have unbelievable date on the northern shore of Peipsi Lake where you both can relax on the beautiful sandy beaches under the coastal pine trees or take a walk along different hiking trails. We recommend this as top one place for active dating in Estonia. The peculiar chain of dunes on the shore of the lake and the sandy beach with a length of 40 km is a paradise for holidaymakers. Along the coast of the lake there is a large number of tent camps, places for picnics and rest for all comers. An interesting fact is that on the coast of Peipsi Lake there is a so-called singing sand – siliceous sand, with the sand friction of which there is music. Such singing sands speak about the purity of the water and the beach.

In any case, we give you only recommendations for non-trivial, interesting, active and not boring dating in Estonia so it could become memorable, and which would surely help you to understand Estonian culture better, but you have to choose dating place according to preferences of your Estonian girlfriend and yours. We only advice, but never force, and the final decision is up to you, but knowing these famous places in Estonia you could show your girl that you are interested in culture of her country, and what is more important – you will show that you are initiative, the man whom she could follow (and so feel safe with) because even in foreign country you know what to propose, where to go, and the main thing – you act and have a plan! You are the man!

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