Good places for dating in Armenia

Where to spend nice date with Armenian girl in Armenia? This could be confusing to foreigner who does not know Armenia well and as the result does not know some good places to visit during the first date. The best thing is to ask the girl where is the best to go, as she is local and knows the best places for sure. Although girls like initiative men, in this case you have an excuse, as you are foreigner. To surprise her, find out beforehand what is the best restaurant in the city and order a table there. When you pick her up, ask her is it a good place to spend a date. She probably would say this restaurant is too expensive and recommends some other places to go, but you will say you have already ordered a table. Armenian girl would be pleasantly shocked as you show her you appreciate her and do not care about money if it is going about date with her. Any woman would appreciate such action and especially Armenian one.

If trivial dating in restaurant seems boring to both of you, or you decided to have unforgettable day with your new girlfriend, some fresh ideas for dating might be very on time. Armenia is a land of mountains and you may look for the hiking tour. Of course, it might be hard and dangerous to do hiking alone with your girl. You may join the group of tourists and by such experience get to know each other better. As it is one thing if you are sitting at fancy restaurant, talking in cozy atmosphere and, maybe, pretending someone else. And the other thing when you have to climb the cliffs, help each other and other people by giving a hand. You have to be patient and sometimes wait for the rest of people of the group and sometimes they will have to wait for you. Such natural circumstances help to show who you really are and will help you to understand your girlfriend. Maybe you do not match each other and it takes a long time to see in the city, but here, close to the nature where money, status and dress do not play significant role every person pops up as it is, without masks and hiding. After this hiking you will feel great and physical fatigue would seem nothing with newly gained impressions and replenish of inner energy balance.

If you are looking for something different that trivial date, but at the same time would not like to do hard work climbing mountains, choose something in the middle, like going to the cinema. I’m sure you have never been to the cinema in Armenia, but to disappoint you I would say it is not different than cinema in Berlin or cinema in Melbourne. If you are more sophisticated person and are able to appreciate the beauty of Performing Arts, Armenian theater or even opera is good alternative for cinema. But be sure your girlfriend likes it, otherwise she would be bored or fell asleep and this could turn into the worst of your dates ever, as she might consider you not interesting person. Well, then it is her problem and you have to think whether you really need girlfriend like that. If you are trying to impress her and for one date you are going to expensive restaurant, for the other you take a trip to unique nature and if for the next one you are going to theater and she does not like it, maybe she is not the one for you?

Well, don’t be upset, maybe your girlfriend needs good shake up and is not interested in cultural achievements of Armenian National Theater. Maybe she is tired of work on the computer and her body needs physical loads and here you have a chance to think something interesting up. You may visit Aqua Park and there you will get a lot of pleasure and a lot of fun. Roller coaster and amusement parks are also good places to have fun. All those activities could be smartly combined. I mean, if you went to the amusement park and both have got your dose of adrenaline, after you may go to the outside café, eat some ice cream and drink fresh juice. And the evening might be spent in romantic atmosphere with candles and wine. As you see, there are not bad countries for having a date. Even if some places are different than at your home and some are absent, it is not the reason for panic. If you possess good imagination, you are able to find such unique place, so dating in Armenia would be the most memorable for you out of all others in the world.

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