First dating with Armenian girl

My first dating experience with Armenian girl was quite unique and interesting and unusual at the same time. I was working for some company in Poland as it was considered one of the most quickly developing countries in Europe (some say for German money and because of labour of Ukrainian workers). Well, that does not matter really at all, because our topic is first date with Armenian girl.

So, my first date with Armenian girl was in Poland, but before the first date I we both had the first meeting. She came to our office in search of the job and our chief had some offer in booking department for her. To say the truth, when he had conversation with her, every guy in the office had some reasons to visit chief’s office for some reason in order to see how she looks like and after that every office man would come back to his place with mouth wide open and advice for those who haven’t seen her yet to glance at her; and that stuff was going on like that because such a pretty she was. But not for me, though.

Some man are delighted with dark skin of Armenian girls and brown eyes, but I have seen many girls like that in my life, by the way many Armenian girls, and those I have seen before were way prettier than she was, but she was ok as well, maybe it only seemed to me as probably I prefer different types of girls, but the thing there was something between us when we first seen each other is the real truth.

There still was a month time gap between our first dating experience with Armenian girl. There is a fact if you pay too much attention to the girl, she would not pay attention to you and vice verse, if you don’t really care about the girl, she becomes curious about your behaviour, why you are so cold and she tries to get you interested in her. But if you only would show your interest, she would become cold again and that is a kind of a game we men and women play during all the history of Earth and Armenian women are not exception.

All the guys in our office were really curious about new Armenian pretty in our headquarters. Every guy tried to pay attention to her, to do something for her, of course, except for true family believers who have had their own wife and family (but even some of them were dressing her out with their ears). But I was not like other guys, because I showed total ignorance to her. She was very hot, but I thought I had better girls before and that really worked. She was smiling to me when we accidently met in the kitchen drinking coffee. She was coming to our office more often “in business”, and looking at me from time to time, hiding her eyes. After I have noticed that, I started flirting with her and after some time when we were on the kitchen I asked what she is doing in the evening and whether she would like to drink some coffee. She was thinking for a while as girls like to hesitate on purpose, you know, and finally she agreed. I was pretty happy because of my skills and tried to ensure myself once more I am the best, at least the best in my office, because my colleagues would be so jealous because of that, but I didn’t care, because my job was to improve my pick up skills and I was doing that every day, every free sec of my life.

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How was the date with Armenian girl? It was awesome, I would say. The atmosphere was really warm, I would say. She was very kind girl, not the girl of dominative aggressive time, but the one who is weak and you have to protect her. She was interesting person to talk with, we discussed various topics, so if you do not belong to intelligent men, you may forget about dating with Armenian girls. Intelligence is one of the features that Armenian women are famous of, so take that into consideration.

After first date with Armenian girl I walked her home as they do it there in Armenia. It was very nice and interesting experience. We were talking for some time, but don’t think we were kissing after and she invited me for a “cup of coffee”. No. I was very nice when she waved her hand and went inside with a smile and some hope in her eyes. She was not a kind of typical nowadays emancipated girl. She was a representative of her unique culture, where she had to be an example of dignity because of religious norms and the way she was grew up by her parents. That perfect home atmosphere I felt during the first date and I feel it till now, as that Armenian girl has become my wife. She is the wife of a dream, always careful, attentive, hospitable and kind. She takes care of me and our two kids. I always have pleasant smell of hot dishes in the kitchen and home, sweet home atmosphere. Isn’t it exactly what every American man is dreaming about? And why American men only? All the men in the world dream about such family relations, almost all the men.

Must not warn you, but have to give you a good advice: if you hope for some quick relations on the first date with Armenian girl and if you dream that dating would be finished in the bed, you have to forget about that or find a girl of some other culture of origin. Armenian girls are family focused and if she agreed to go for a date with you, she probably have already seed a father of her future children in you. If you don’t afraid of that and are ready for serious relations with Armenian girl, go and ask her for the first date and never hesitate. Good luck, man!

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