First date with Croatian girl

Many foreign citizens of male type dream of dating pretty girl from Croatia. For most such dream remains to be just a dream till the end of life but for some individuals it fortunately comes true. And when there is a real chance to have a real date with Croatian girl many men get confused, do not know how to react and act properly and make a lot of mistakes. It happens because a lot of men live in the world of illusions created by them and it is good when these illusions only help to achieve what they want but it is bad when they only remain to be illusions.

Every man dreams to have great time on the first date. Especially if this is the first first date with foreign woman. Even if man has previous experience of dating foreign woman, most likely he does not have experience of dating Croatian woman. It is important for man to make good impression on the girl during first date, because it affects his masculinity, his own dignity and self esteem. For example, if the girl didn’t like the first date or a man she might not want to date him again and this could lead sensitive man to circumstances in which he would stop believing in his own abilities, charm and masculinity and that might bring him complexes and finish dramatically with alcohol or even drugs. Of course, this is rare case, most often man keeps looking for next girl to date and some day he is going to find perfect girl who will adore him as well as he adores her.

We have to come back to the topic of the article and as the main point is the first date with Croatian girl, probably, the main focus has to be oriented on Croatian dating culture and its peculiarities. We are going to talk about some hints that are going to help you conquer the heart of Croatian beauty so she had extremely unrestrained and uncontrollable desire to have the next date with you but at the same time she would sweetly suffer to say it loud and wait until you propose it first. You will have to wait a little, to “increase the tense” and then ask her for the second date; in such case you are sure you will rule the situation and she is on your hook and if she is not, you don’t need her, she is not for you and not your type, you will find the one to have control over. But for now you have to prepare for the first date with Croatian girl to happen, because if there is no first there would be no second date. Logically :-). Ha-ha. Read also: Marriage with Croatian

Croatian girls are Slavic girls and they like subconsciously when man is the head, when man rules the situation and when man is the boss. Of course, you almost never have to show this openly, but it has to be seen in your actions and in everything what you do. And the first date is not an exception. As the man you have to be initiative. Croatian woman expects for such actions subconsciously as this has been inherited by her genetically. If you don’t show this, there might be a conflict in her mind that she would not understand clearly, but it would have uncomfortable influence on her.

What are the examples of such situations where man can be initiative during the first date? You may ask her what she likes and propose her to have a walk. If this takes place in Croatia, you may ask her to show you the best places in the city, meanwhile asking what she likes. If she likes movies, ask her to go for a movie, but not just after she said she likes it, sometime later so it could seem more organic, as the kind of surprise.

One more initiative demonstrating thing of yours can be proposing her to visit some nice restaurant, but in advance you have to find out what cuisine she prefers. One more good way could be asking her for visiting restaurant of national Croatian cuisine and during dinner you will ask her what they prepare at home with mom and family; or can she cook something like that in restaurant. She would surely say she is better in cooking than this in restaurant and ask you to visit her home some day. By such step you show you are interested in her, in Croatian culture and in her family and traditions. In her eyes you grow a lot since this moment. Now she sees you are more serious about her.

During the first day with Croatian girl stay cool. Show her you are confident in everything. Confident and initiative, a man she can trust. This is what she expects from you. And what if you are not? What if you are non-confident? Then read main rule number 2: be yourself. Even if she won’t like you and the first date with her would be the last date, at least you will not lie to yourself and building naïve plans for nonexistent future. You may also have high chance she would like you as you are. Still, you are foreigner, you are interesting for her and you have a lot of bonuses in front of her anyway, even if you are far from perfect stereotype of “real man”.

When your first date with Croatian girl is finished and you see you both had really good time, you may make some little intrigue. At the evening write her you had a great time and wish her good night. The next day do not write or call her in the morning. This works two ways. The first way is that she has to think over what has happened yesterday and pushing her is bad thing as she might indicate it as the thread to her personal freedom. The second way is that she will think why you are not writing her or calling, maybe you are not interested in her but it was so good yesterday, than why? You have to make her thinking about you and that would be the best way to get her attention. Then call her in the afternoon and propose to have a dinner in the evening. She would agree most likely. Or she may play the same game with you, pretending she is busy today in the evening but she can have dinner with you on Friday, for example. Anyway, wish you good luck in this interesting game of man and woman called dating Croatian

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