Family traditions in Croatia and Croatian family

Croatia is a country where ancient traditions and today’s reality miraculously unite. The combination of the current style with the ancient architecture gives the cities of this small country a unique and incomparable atmosphere. Croats, being modern up to date people who are greatly overwhelmed with modern trends, gadgets and technologies still respect and honor their ancient customs and the legacy of their great-grandfathers.

The spirit of the forefathers literally pierces everything around. Croats follow national characteristics not only in everyday life. During the construction and internal arrangement of the houses, the icons are strictly observed. Every detail, even the smallest one, carries in itself a unique feature peculiar only to this people.

The ancient rules have left their imprint on all national holidays and, of course, national cuisine and clothing. All these Croats try to keep in their original form. But in some incomprehensible way this nation manages to combine the legacy of the forefathers with the trends of the modern world. Few ancient nations which exist till now can boast of this. Many citizens, especially young people, began to forget and retreat from traditions that were bequeathed by their ancestors. Children who grow up in the present times sometimes do not even realize that there are all these ancient national values. Unfortunately, much of what our grandfathers and great-grandfathers collected and stored with such love was lost or completely forgotten by the living generations now.

The Croats are a people who managed not only to preserve the bequeathed commandments of their forefathers. This nation was able, without violating the harmony to bring to the old heritage much of the new modern world.

The general character of the people was greatly influenced by the unification of two cultures in it. The veneration of labor and order fell to the Croats from Europeans. Optimism and cheerfulness were brought from the east. Christianity here goes hand in hand with Islam. Each inhabitant of this country has its own national pride which sometimes is bordering with vanity. An excellent example of this is one of the traditional customs, called “korzo.” In fact, this evening promenade in the central part of the city is an indispensable condition, which is attentive and careful scrutiny of each other. This custom does not bear any special meaning, it has one goal – to show oneself and look at others. All Croats adore coffee and sweets without exception. This is also a kind of tradition, which arose during the reign of the Ottomans. Read also: Characteristics of typical Croatian woman

Croatian rural life deserves separate article. There often is one genus, which consists of several families and it can occupy a fairly large piece of land. In this territory of each family that has arisen, a separate house is built, which can consist of several rooms. Around each building are planted trees, giving a shadow and a coolness. The facades of the buildings are covered with vines. Thus, all close people live side by side, which, as you understand, contributes to the preservation of national and family customs.

The birth of a new member of the family, for example, is associated with a huge number of rituals and customs designed to protect the infant from spoilage, evil eye and other troubles. During the first days of life the baby can not be shown to anyone, even the closest people can not see it. After the lapse of the prescribed number of days, everyone is welcome to the child. When coming to see the newborn, people always bring presents. The Croats profess Christianity and therefore every new resident of the country is subjected to a baptismal ceremony. The godparents of the child become new members of the common family. At the same time, they voluntarily take on new obligations related to the upbringing of their godson. At any moment they should be ready to help and fully support him if needed.

The Croats do not pay much importance to the question of who was born. They are not particularly worried about the gender of the child who came to this world. Every child is at first and foremost a person. The boy is the future man, the support of his parents and the successor of the family. The girl will one day marry and become a mother. It is not customary for this nation to have many children, three children in Croatian family usually is maximum.

Many modern Croatian families have only one child. There are several reasons for this. Basically, this is a small material budget. Whoever says anything, but money is one of the most important components in the upbringing of a child. It is impossible to create good conditions for growth and subsequently give a good education, while not having the means. Another reason is that while moving to the city, fathers and mothers have to work hard and there is simply no time left to raise a few children.

Of course, the Croats have a lot of rituals associated with attracting money, luck and happiness to the family. One of such customs is mandatory at the wedding ceremony. After the ceremony of marriage, the bride takes off the veil, ties a headscarf on her head and puts on an apron.

A wonderful occasion to show all your love for the traditions are the holidays. In the celebration of the Nativity of Christ and on the wires of winter, there is a wonderful opportunity to see more closely the national customs of Croats. At these celebrations, everyone who wants is getting dressed in a carnival costume and joins in the general merriment, showing all that he is capable of.

A huge role in the life of the population of the country is played by music and dances that have preserved all of their ancient characteristic features and forms. One of the national dances of Croatia is called “colo”, it is accompanied by an unrestrained play of several violins and performed by participants in a circle. This is an unreal beautiful, full of unbridled dance. There is a legend that this action is an ancient ritual associated with the glorification of the sun. Read also: Croatian dating sites – wanna try your fortune?

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