Family life in Panama

Panama is melting pot of cultures. Here you will find descendants of different cultures, starting from Indigenous people and ending with Spaniards, French, Americans and many others. In terms of melting pot Panama reminds the U.S., but people here are not that much tolerant to other ethnic groups as in the USA, but also respect each other. No matter what the cultural differences are and how many cultures have formed today’s Panama, family is the center of the Universe in this country.

Panamanian family is usually very big and extended. It means children are grown up by their mothers, but when mother goes to work, granny will sit and watch the kids, when granny goes to the market, and older sister is the main until grandmother comes back.

As for the role of woman and men, they are based on the main religion – Catholicism, which was brought to Panama by Spanish people who moved here centuries ago for permanent living. Now the things are different than 10 years ago. Women get more and more rights, at least young generation and at least in big cities.

These young Panamanian women choose career at least by the time they get married – than more often family would live traditional; Panamanian family life, where husband works and wife is taking care of children and house. Although, western culture has more influence on Panama and its’ people within every year. Especially vivid this influence is on young generation. Is it bad or good is hard to say, as in every movement there are own pros and cons. Read also: What is the reason Americans dating Panamanian women?

Panama could be example of great family example. If you see it from the side, every member of the family supports another one and that is really sweet and really nice; that makes warm relations within the family and makes family relations stronger. Support, trust and respect – those are words that come up in mind when I think about Panamanian family. Maybe there is not that much personal freedom for every single person in the family in Panama, but people seem to live very happy life and the rate of divorces is rather small. And you haven’t seen family celebrations in Panama, that is really worth to see and to experience; if you ever will have such chance, don’t miss it.

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