Do Belarusian girls use popular messengers to communicate via Internet?

I feel weird a little when people from West consider other countries except from their own behindhand and its people they consider to be r-tards. World and progress go along foot by foot and every place of the world gets new devices, technologies etc. The only vivid difference I noticed between Eastern European countries and Western world is difference in salaries for the same amount of work. So it is natural that people here in Belarus live the life like their counterparts in the U.S. or France. Average Belarusian woman has accounts in social networks and use them in the morning, during work and before going to bed. They send each other and their friends fun stories, links, gifs and mems – all you probably do yourself everyday on Facebook.

So yes, it is easy to communicate with Belarusian girls using messengers because they use them and they are great funs of them. But it might be hard to communicate with Belarusian girls via messengers unless you speak Russian, because English is still on pretty bad level among Belarusians.
The other obstacle is that in Belarus and its messenger is not the most popular one. Belarusians mostly use Russian as social network. So if you plan to find Belarusian girl on messenger you have to know it might be not Facebook messenger. Facebook messenger is popular in Ukraine, for example, and by the way all Russian social networks are banned in Ukraine as sources of propaganda.
So, you can easily find a contact with Belarusian girl via popular messengers and use different ways of communication – chats, video chats, calls etc. If you do not speak Russian and Belarusian girl does not speak any English you may try to use online translators as many of them show pretty good results, although no one can secure you from surprises connected with incorrect online translation.

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