Croatia and Croatian girls

Croatia is quiet country with a beautiful, untouched and clean nature and good climate. It combines the European, Slavic, as well as elements of oriental culture. Croatian national character of different features such as moderation and tranquility combined, however, with joy and openness to communication, a willingness to meet.

Kindness and hospitality of Croats allow them to get along with different people. Good and friendly service is always provided. The standard of living in Croatia is quite high, and the cost is low. Thus, secondary education is given here for free; higher education at good odds can also be obtained free.

Up to date, the number of inhabitants of Croatia is about 4.8 million people. As for the national composition of the country, the majority of the populations are the Croats (80%). The largest minority care Serbs, who live mostly in part of Croatia called Slavonia; many Serbs live in Lika and Gorski Kotar. In addition to the above, there are many Slavs and non-Slavic nations who live in Croatia: Albanians, Italians, Germans, Czechs, Roma, Ukrainians, Russian, Hungarians and others.

The official language of the country is Croatian. In addition, most Croats, especially those who live in the most popular tourist resort areas, speak English, German, and Italian. Croatian language belongs to the Slavic language group. Croats are usually deeply and sincerely religious. Churches could be found even in the smallest settlements, and Croats keep building new ones. On Sundays Catholic churches filled with believers. Read also: How is Croatian woman different from American?

Men in Croatia are known for a great love of women in general, often regardless of age and external data last. No wonder, a tie is Croatian invention and the local folk female costume includes a fairly short skirt. Residents of Croatia are very patriotic. They often wear stuff with national symbols. If you know at least a few basic phrases in Croatian, you can get great respect of locals.

On the background of the other former Yugoslavia republics, Croatian women are much emancipated and not inferior to give men the top place in most activities. Croatian girls are very beautiful; every other is model-looking. Maybe it’s because of the mixed blood of Slavs, Italians and Turks? Always in areas where there is a great mix of peoples this beauty-splash is happening. Read also: Croatian dating sites – wanna try your fortune? 

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