Country of Panama, women and society

Panama is a country in Central America in Panama isthmus between the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, bordering with Costa Rica and Colombia in the west to the east. Thru the country goes the Panama Chanel, which connects Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Ethnic groups: mestizo – 70%, West Indians – 14% white – 10%, Amerynd Indians – 6% The dominant religion: Catholicism. The religious composition: Roman Catholics – 85%, Protestants – 15% Official language: Spanish (Castilian) The level of urbanization is 73%. Largest cities: Colon (150 thousand people) Poetic Titles of Panama: two oceans state, Crossroads of the world.

Women in Panama are very beautiful and good looking. If you choose to visit this beautiful country, keep that in mind. People who first visit this nice country are amazed with natural landscapes, national Panama cuisine and its gorgeous womenRead also: Dating Panamanian girls – tips and peculiarities

Girls in Panama seem to be very friendly and open to people; they are quite open in communication with foreigners as well. Maybe they feel a little closed in their home country and to express their feelings and emotions they choose foreigners? Well, to say the truth, I’m not really sure and I don’t know. Maybe they are just trying to make their life more interesting?

Many girls in Panama are European type and I was totally surprised because of that when I first visited this country. Panama might seem paradise to one tourist and not very welcoming and dangerous to others. Panama is developed country and here you will find high scrapers bordering to jungles and here you will find nice gracious girls and rural women with not very nice appearance.

If you have on your mind to get acquainted with girl from Panama, you have to learn Spanish or you may go to Panama even tomorrow if you already speak Spanish well. Language is the main in your communication, pick up skills and efforts. All the things you are trying to do to impress Panama girl will lead to fiasco if you don’t speak Spanish. Your non verbal communication skills would not help either and don’t hope they are going to speak English.

In Panama I tried my Spanish and checked skills on women who sell souvenirs. I also used my pick up skills and flirted with some pretties and even have bought some souvenirs. Sellers were very open and seemed to me kind of… optimistic to life? Anyway, I think those women are nice to ask to go to bar after work, unless they are married and have a boyfriend, otherwise you are going to have problems in foreign and not that safe country.

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