Armenian girls increasingly choose foreigners due to the weakness of Armenian men?

Armenian men prefer Armenian women. If they spend sweet time with foreign women, they explain this by the fact that Armenian women have a lot of complexes and have not liberate views, but when it comes to marriage, they choose an Armenian woman. In contrary to their men, modern Armenian girls often behave very differently. More and more often Armenian women marry foreigners. Although marriages of Armenian men with foreigners, mostly with Slavs, also take place, the marriage of Armenian girls with foreigners is an innovation, and this was due to a number of reasons, the main ones being the weakening of Armenian men and the futility of Armenian youth in their homeland.

One of the main reasons why Armenian girls increasingly choose foreigners for husbands is also the fact that due to financial crisis in Armenia, unemployed men are weakened, as many can not fulfill their basic function of earning enough money. Activated and able to provide for their family, Armenian women have ceased to feel a support in the form of a man next to them, and in fact women choose strong men to be with.

Previously, religion often became a stumbling block when it came to marriage with a foreigner. But now something completely new is happening in Armenia. In particular, in the case of Armenian girls, there is a tendency to marry Persians, crossing the religious barrier. One of the reasons for this is the created view that the younger generation in Armenia does not have prospects, therefore it is necessary to go beyond the borders of one’s own country, and in this situation marriage with foreigners seems the easiest way. Armenian priests believe that with foreign fiancés one can not find complete happiness. And when choosing foreigners as husbands, the Armenian nation only loses its face, in the preservation of which an Armenian woman plays such an important role.

For small nations, such as Armenian, mixed marriages bear losses, whereas for big nations they are an acquisition. When Armenian men integrate foreign wives into Armenian society, losses for the nation are minimal, but in the case when men leave for other countries, the nation may lose its representatives after some time. Read also: Armenian woman and American man dating possibilities

According to psychologists, children born from mixed marriages also experience problems, facing the choice of whom to identify with (father or mother), and often, choosing the nationality of one of the parents, they hate the second one. There is no statistical data on mixed marriages for 2017-2018 in Armenia, however, this trend is noticeable and makes many think about it.

If you were thinking of marriage with pretty Armenian girl, it is probably the high time to use your chance. If you are thinking of waiting a little more, warn you that Armenia is a relatively small nation, as it was already mentioned before. So maybe it is the time to hurry up if you would like to find nice wife until your neighbor did that earlier? Read also: Benefits you get when dating and later marrying Armenian woman

Anyways, what do you think about the fact that Armenian women more often marry foreigners? Is it good or bad? Is it good for foreigners and bad for Armenians? Share your opinion, please!

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