Are Chilean women good option for American to marry

Nowadays marriage is union of both people where man and woman are joining to live common life to get some positive experience and mutual interest, which is different for man and woman but it used to be that foundations of the marriage were love and feelings, wasn’t it? Or it just was obscured in such a way that it seemed so, but in reality it was personal interest from both sides? I guess both. Maybe people nowadays let themselves to express their thoughts without any fears not to sound not coherent with the rest of the society and the truth about marriage was the only one for life? Let us look at this more clearly.

Institute of marriage in the United States and many other countries is suffering crisis. Many young people do not want to get married, to create families and to take part in upbringing process of their children; moreover, many young women do not wish to have kids. What is this: laziness and selfishness with the only desire to satisfy own needs or the way the Planet is fighting with overpopulation by inventing new evolutionary schemes of social behavior? No matter what the answer is – you can see the results of such attitude everywhere: social culture of American youth is oriented at serving personal needs, getting pleasure and personal satisfaction and the other extremity is devoting yourself completely to the career. As you see, there is no family here! Family is not a trend, family is considered something dowdy, family is out-of-fashion and the more to the future, the stronger this flow becomes.

How is that dangerous? In the process of evolution people were joining together to live in families because it made them stronger – they multiplied commonwealth, they were getting stronger and safer. Of course, many marriages were conducted not because of love, but because of interest, but often not because of personal interest of bride or fiancé, but interest of their clans. Nowadays it is more about personal interest of both people and it is still very mercantile, but humanity is losing even families which are conducted by mutual mercantile interest. That is dangerous because in long time prognosis it lead to extinction of human population – no family, no unity, no city – no country. How Americans are solving this problem as many American women are even more against of family creation than men, which seems weird at first as it is believed that men are more accustomed to have free life with no obligations and responsibility. Americans instinctively have found the way to continue their genus – they are looking for overseas bride and Chilean women are great option for wife. You may argue that many of such marriages are conducted on mercantile interest of both spouses, but they are conducted! There is marriage, there is family and there is life! As for interest of Chilean women in American men I will tell a little more later, as Chile is not average Latin American country, average Chilean has good income, country has good GDP and women here are picky and demanding according to the men. It is not as easy to get Chilean wife as it seems at first, but it is possible. Read also: Family traditions in typical Chilean family

Now let us think why average Chilean woman is good candidate for American to become his wife. First of all, Chilean women are ready to marry a guy! American women often refuse to get officially married and prefer to live without commitments. It is not easy to find wife in Chile, but it is not hard either and in the U.S. it is often impossible and within the time becomes more complicated. If average American guy is serious in his intentions for family creation, has descent job and ability to even a little charm Chilean woman, he has all chances to become her husband. Chilean women like men who are confident, have good sense of humor and have descent job – nothing more special is often not “required”. Americans under condition of gentleman attitude and showing gallant respect to women have much more chances for long lasting relations and marriage with Chilean woman than representatives of other nations, but this is only at start as everything is depending on personal sympathy and personal attitude between Chilean woman and representative of overseas country.

LITTLE OFF TOP: American men who have no chance to find wife in the U.S. are visiting Chile and are looking for young brides from poor families as it is the only chance for them to have young pretty wife who will be thankful to him for safety from poverty. But not all girls are thankful and not all are eager to marry much older man, even if he is from the U.S. and considered rich, relatively rich if comparing U.S. and Chilean income.

Chilean woman is good candidate for wife of American man also due to the fact that they are mentally close with American women. Chilean women are quite emancipated, respect and demand personal freedom, personal space, equal rights and division of labor with men. Chilean feminist movements started in the 70th and now this culture is pretty developed in Chile that is why it would not be hard for American man to adapt to Chilean wife as cultural differences are not that huge and in terms of behavior Chilean women remind American women, but they still want to have a strong family if the rights of man and woman in the family are equal. Sounds pretty fair and what is more important – very clear for American man. Even because of some of these listed facts Chilean woman is a good match for American to create happy family. Read also: Perfect girlfriend from Chile – is it possible?

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