Are Chilean women eager to leave their country for marriage with American?

Actually, it is not really vivid fact that Chilean women somehow are trying to leave the country especially by using marriage with American or Australian for this. If girl from Chile has married American it means they are in love and rarely something else. American guy might have his interest in marriage with pretty Chilean girl, but Chilean girls are not in hurry to leave their prosperous country. By the way, it often happens that after marriage American-Chilean couple decides to live in Chile or when couple lives for two countries when man, for example, has business in the USA and at least few months in a year he has to spend there for keeping his business going well. Then the guy comes back to his wife to Chile.

If girl from Chile is deeply in love with American guy then she might assumpt moving to the North America along with her beloved one. But we know Chilean girls as independent, probably the most emancipated in Latin America along with Argentine women and it is rather doubtful that average woman from Chile would leave her family, parents, friends and move to another continent for permanent living. It might be volunteer trip, maybe some work in the States in professional sphere for gaining experience, but then most of Chileans choose to come back home and work and live there.

Chilean mentality also influences the choice which Chilean women do when they choose place of future living. Although Chile is getting more and more like Western countries and really reminds even European Union country but with special color it still has its own peculiar mentality and one of such peculiarities is attitude to the family and parents. The connection between parents and children remains very strong even after children are adult enough to have their own families. Adult children, their kids and parents gather together almost every weekend. It is also very important to help each other if there is a need. According to this it is hardly possible that average Chilean girl would change even the city, not talking about the whole country or continent.

You have to take into consideration information given here is rather for general understanding and it does not mean every single Chilean girl would never and under any circumstances leave her homeland for the USA, Canada, Australia or Europe. We do not want to make stereotypes because the world is full of them anyway and it only makes the world worse. Chilean girls are very curious, open to the world and to new information and who knows, maybe after visiting your home country she would like it so much that will propose you to stay there with you for permanent living. You may take this paragraph as the disclaimer to all previous as the best choice is always somewhere in between so we recommend to be open, flexible and wise taking information objectively, not subjectively and keeping to your personal experience rather than to general facts.

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